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Time to breathe country air?

Now it's time for us to move on, after almost nine years with Lantluft. During these years, Kustvägen Sydost has become a concept and the tourism industry has increased year by year. So inspiring to be a part of this, all the meetings with guests, friends, co-workers, colleagues. It has been a privilege to be involved in the development of Kustvägen and with those and associations that have enriched us, the food craftsmen and other producers in "Smakupplevelse Blekinge", "Berättelser under Eken", and last but not least, the business association "Kustvägen sydost" which we were part of and formed for the purpose to develop cooperation along this fine coastal strip of Sweden, from Bröms in the north to Torhamn in the south. We have also been involved in creating a EU-Lieder project that continues with the aim of developing our coastline, very exciting is underway.

It has been organic, and here-produced that has been our guiding star in the café, which has been greatly appreciated by our guests. Being able to go out and pick lettuce, spices and tomatoes directly from the garden or serve a cheesecake on our own sea buckthorn has of course been very satisfying for us as well as for our guests ...

Our tenants, from near and far, many from big cities like Berlin and Hamburg, have expressed gratitude for the tranquility, nature and wildlife that surrounded their stay, being able to walk barefoot in the grass may seem like a right, for us who take it for granted, like sitting out on the patio and having your morning coffee. Seeing the stress of a guest after a few days, it's just a joy.

We sincerely hope that those who choose to buy Orranäs 4:17 property, want to continue running Lantluft Café and accommodation, there are so many development opportunities if the desire is there to accept the challenge.

We have raked the manege.

Torbjörn och Eva

We expect sales at the beginning of next year and Orranäs 4:17 is out as coming with our broker, contact Peter Olsson, HusmanHagberg in Karlskrona if there is interest.

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