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Now it's time to unwind at Lantluft Café and end with a few weekend's open in August.

We have had a fantastic summer 2017 at Lantluft Café and Accommodation! Our accommodations are fully booked and we have received such great reviews so we are grateful of gratitude and pride. We want our accommodations to be a place of relaxation and recovery and we are now looking at our reviews that it is precisely this one appreciated by our guests.

Our café is getting more visitors and here we get so much praise for what we offer in our little summer cafe. We want to offer a restful experience in our garden café while having a really good cup of coffee, we are very careful that what we offer is organic and genuine.

At the same time, we see that we become more people daring to invest in activities for the visiting industry, please visit the coastal road's own visit page to see most of what we offer on our beautiful coastal road.

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