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We are in the planning of the first Christmas on Lantluft café. The 20 to 21 December between 11:00 and 18:00 we are open in the cafe when the coastal road southeast has its traditional "Julkassehelg". On Lantluft you will be able to stop by and grab a cup of coffee and feel the noble guests at the Nobel Banquet, they have namely decided to serve coffee from the same supplier as we at Lantluft. Eva will bake her delicious juicy saffron buns, and we will be serving Christmas porridge. Of course, everything we serve is organic and locally produced.

On Lantluft you can also buy Coastal Road special "julkasse" and refill it with some goodies from our small pantry. Among others, you will be able to purchase the home of our very own super good cheesecake, for Christmas, we do a little variation to suit the Christmas table.


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