Spring at Lantluft 2021

So we have entered a new decade, some of us in grief and all more or less shaken by Mother Earth who speaks out ... which places higher demands on all of us. We need to remind ourselves that we are very spared so far in Northern Europe, after all ...

We at Lantluft are planning for another summer season in the café and as the food craft is flourishing in our area, it is really fun to plan the menu. We have young innovators with organic vegetable cultivation and free range chickens, apple juice, jams and chutney, small-scale meat production from several farms, cheese comes next farm, the organic milk that we get for the cheesecake is secured which is really not self-evident in these times. Our own small cultivation with kale, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, sea buckthorn is beneficial for our continued focus on organic and locally produced.

There is always something to be renovated in the accommodation and next in line is a new veranda for the annex here in Orranäs where we house the apartments Tulpan and Solros.

We have a large garden for serving and our five accommodations are separate so it works even in these times when we have to keep our distance.

And now to the work!

Welcome to spring, we open no later than the third weekend in May, as usual.

Eva and Torbjörn